Save the Sun!

Saving the sun with a solar energy storage system will provide your household with energy independence, and can be tailored to your budget and needs.

A solar system captures light from the sun and turns it into power for use by your household during the day. But as little as 20% of your solar power maybe consumed directly and what is not used is sent to the grid with little or no cost benefit for you.

With a solar storage system the power your household doesn’t use is saved for when YOU need to use it – such as in the evenings when electricity is often at its most expensive. With a 360Storage system you could utilise 70-80% of your system’s output. Solar storage systems provide independence, security from future energy price rises and allow you to supply your home with your solar power day or night. Taking control of your solar power ensures you can use it during the expensive peak or evening periods and maximise your savings.

Our 360Storage systems fulfil your needs just as a grid connection does.  Generate. Store. Use your own power 365 days a year.

That’s a whole lot of money saved for your mortgage, your renovations or your new landscaping. Why not make your house work for you while you’re out working for it?

360Storage Save-sun-diagram


Power Flow - Inverter-Charger House FINALSo what makes up a solar storage system?

Solar Panels – positioned on your roof to convert sunlight into electricity

Hybrid Inverter – located in your garage, it intelligently supplies electricity to your house, charges the storage system and supplies the stored energy to your house when you need it.

Storage System – located close to the hybrid inverter. Saves the excess solar electricity for use during the evening and at night.

360Storage systems utilise the latest generation of intelligent all-in-one hybrid inverters and advanced storage technologies, similar to electric vehicles, and are designed for Australia’s residential households.  Our extensive range allows to you to select a package that best meets your energy needs and budget.  

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