Many of our solar customers in Wollongong & the Illawarra region now have $0 Electricity Bills.
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Many of our customers are seeing incredible savings from solar powering their home. A 5kw solar system generates up to 35kwh per day in summer and an average of 25kwh per day across the year. The excess solar you don't use goes out to the grid and your electricity company pays you for it. In many cases this excess solar is enough to cover your night time usage and even your supply charges. Install a quality system from SOLARBLU and you too could see savings similar to these happy customers.

  • Elizabeth from Shell Cove reduced her power bill from $1000 to $300 with a quality 5kw solar system.

  • George from Dapto installed a 5kw system and is now producing enough excess electricity that his power company pays him!

  • Kevin from Berkeley installed a 4kw system and now enjoys a $0 electricity bill. 

  • See Kevins new electricity bill below.

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